Welcome to the Go-Geo! blog

Welcome to Go-Geo! blog.  This blog has been set up to compliment the main Go-Geo! site.  What we hope to do here is to report on events that are relevant to the Geo community in UK academia.  So, if there is an event that we have attended we will summarise it and provide links to any relevant or interesting resources that were mentioned.

But how is this going to differ from the content that already exists in the Web Resources channel on Go-Geo?

Well, we hope that the news and events on Go-Geo! provides the community with information that is relevant to the UK academic sector.  This tends to be factual information delivered in a formal manner.  The blog will be less formal and will hopefully generate discussion about current trends and issues in GIS.

So, if you have something that you think would make a good topic to discuss on the blog why not drop us a line.

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