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ShareGeo is an EDINA project that seeks to promote the sharing of spatial datasets within the UK Higher and Further Education (HEFE) sector. The idea is simple, if you have created a dataset that you think might be useful to others then you can deposit it in ShareGeo for others to discover and download it. However, most people will probably be aware of the derived data issues that accompany datasets that have been created through the use of Ordnance Survey base data. To overcome this issue ShareGeo sits behind the main Digimap Service login so users who have access to Digimap data can share  datasets derived from Digimap data.  Very neat.

To highlight a great example of this system in action we are going to look at a dataset that was recently deposited by a Digimap user. The dataset “Scottish Mainland classified inter-tidal polygons” was created and shared by Jason McIlvenny from The University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI).  Jason used OS Land-Form PROFILE, 1:10000 to delimit the Mean High/Low Water Level, which in itself proved tricky to retain  the attribute data that represents the low water level.  These water marks are measured against the Ordnance Surveys datum not the UK Hydorgraphical Office datum.

Ok, so we now have a dataset that represents the inter-tidal zone for Scotland.  The clever bit was to combine this with a line dataset from Scottish Natural Heritage.  Jason divided the inter-tidal zone into polygons based on the coastal type i.e. Hard rock platform, developed beaches and so on.

Intertidal Zones

Intertidal Zone overlayed on OS 10k map and Bathymetry data.

Creating this dataset obviously took considerable time and effort and the process was not without its problems.  Two useful datasets have been used to create a third, focused dataset. Jason hopes to publish his findings from this dataset soon but we are extremely grateful that he decided to share the data with the community through ShareGeo.

Link to dataset: Scottish Mainland classified inter-tidal polygons

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