INSPIRE 2010 Conference (23 June Plenary Session) Krakow, Poland

Last presentation of the Wednesday Plenary Session.

Technical developments: Data Specifications, Network Services and INSPIRE Geoportal.
Paul Smits, Joint Research Centre (JRC)


Date Article Milestone
15 May 2012 9(b) Submission for opinion of the INSPIRE committee of IRs for the interoperability of spatial data sets and services for Annex II and III spatial data themes.
June 2012 16 Submission for opinion of the INSPIRE committee of IR for the services allowing spatial data services to be invoked.
30 June 2011 15 The EC establishes and runs a geo-portal at Community level.

Data Specifications:

Approved by INSPIRE Committee–Draft COMMISSION REGULATION implementing Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards interoperability of spatial data sets and services (14/12/2009)

–Commission Regulation amending Regulation (EU)  No …/2010 …as regards interoperability of spatial data sets and services (code lists, 17/06/2010)

Approach Annex II and III from the experience with Annex I:

Remain open, participatory, transparent at all steps – coherent and consistent with Annex I.

Reflect the challenges of Annex II and III:

  • Number of themes, their inter-relations and dependencies
  • many thematic communities not always aware of spatial data infrastructure
  • short time available for development

Preparing for Annex II and III Themes:

  • Terms of Reference for INSPIRE Data Specification development for Themes of Annex II & III

•  Call for expression of interest for the stakeholders to participate at development of INSPIRE data specification for themes of Annex II and III

–Domain experts, Facilitators and Editors
–Reference materials: currently 125 entries

•  User requirement survey: currently 596 entries
•  Submission of user requirements and reference materials remains open: only items that arrived before 31/05/2010 are taken by TWGs, unless justified relevance

Results from Call (Expression of Interest):

  • 320 experts proposed by 53 Legal Mandated Organisations (LMO) and 51 Spatial Data Interest Community (SDICs)

• 23 countries, including Australia, China and Turkey but not Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal
• 19 Thematic Working Groups, some addressing more themes
• 30 Facilitators and Editors in-kind contribution and around 180 domain experts at present
• Most selected experts are supported by LMOs (even when proposed as well by SDIC)

Reference to Theme Grouping where themes from one group would fit in with another.

eg: Geology and Mineral Resources (Annex III) with Annex II.

Network Services:

Legal act already published

– Commission Regulation(EC) No 976/2009 of 19 October 2009 implementing Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the Network Services (discovery and view).

Approved by the INSPIRE Committee

– Draft COMMISSION REGULATION amending Regulation (EC) No 976/2009 as regards download services and transformation services.

Invoke Services:

– Technical Report on the state of play for service invocation.
– Network Service Drafting Team will start activity on this service
– As more and more geo-processing services become available, the issues of how to chain them is increasingly important to move from a data-centric to an information-centric SDI, able to respond to much wider user base.
– Several important research issues to address including better documentation of services, quality and trust, dependencies, rights management, etc.

Geoportal Prototype Development:

Focus on INSPIRE Discovery & View services, metadata

– Tools (Discovery, View, Metadata Editor, Metadata Validation, …)

Updated prototype geoportal available

– Frequent updates since then addressing comments from the community
– According to the metadata, discovery and view services technical guidance documents

Discovery & View web clients based on open source S/W and internal development

– to be released under the Open Source EUPL license and shared with the Member States

Future Geoportal developments:

• Start new work items on download and transformation services
• Release as open source the discovery and view client source code
• Draft specifications for the operational geoportal

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