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UK Location

I am pretty sure i posted something about the UK Location Strategy in the News section of Go-Geo! a couple of months ago, but i re-discovered this link and thought that it was worth posting again.  UK Location is a UK pan-government initiative to improve the sharing and re-use of public sector location information.  UK Location have created a number of short documents that help set out the what’s and why’s of the UK Location Strategy.   Intended for Data Managers, they provide initial guidance on what you need to do to publish location information into the UK Location Information Infrastructure.

The guides are split into 10 parts:

The following guides have yet to be published:

  • Guide 5:  The UK Implementation of INSPIRE (coming during July 2010)
  • Guide 6:  UK Location Resources (coming during July 2010)
  • Guide 7:  Download Services
  • Guide 8:  Data Sharing
  • Guide 9:  Management and Coordination
  • Guide 10:  Data Compliance and Theme Coordination

Certainly, all the published guides are worth a read and they are pretty brief making them digestible.  Understanding what direction the UK Location Strategy will take us on is quite important and these documents provide a good starting point.

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