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EDINA have just launched a new resource, ShareGeo OpenShareGeo Open is a data repository designed to allow users to share spatial data that is open. Anyone can use the repository to find and download data, so if you want your data to get noticed and used it is definitely the place to put it.  Sharing data can stimulate research and foster links between researchers, ShareGeo Open forms the bridge between data creators and data consumers.

So what does it do?

  • Search – anyone can quickly and easily search by keyword or by using a map to define your area of interest.
  • Deposit – contributing is easy, upload a zip file of your data and tell us what the data is, how it was made and how it can be re-used.  Simple.
  • RSS Feed – keep up to date with new datasets added to ShareGeo Open


What kind of data can i find in ShareGeo Open?

Well, there are lots of interesting datasets in ShareGeo at the moment and more are being added every week.  You will find a range of resources from free contour data for Great Britain to strategic Health Authority boundaries.

One very interesting dataset is GB Postcode Areas.  This dataset takes some of the data released by the Ordnance Survey, combines it with data held in wikipedia to create a polygonised output depicting postcode areas.  By sharing this data set, the contributor has saved others a considerable amount of  time and effort.


Have you got any data that you would like to share?

If you have some spatial data and you think it might be useful to others, upload it to ShareGeo Open.

ShareGeo Open is brought to you by EDINA and JISC

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