Geospatial Revolution – A great video on location based services

Penn State

This got forwarded to me and i think it is great.  Pennsylvania State University (PSU) have put together a video on the Geosptail Revolution. Well, to be accurate, they plan to have a series of four videos on the use and importance of geospatial technology in our modern world.

Episode One is out now and covers a general introduction to what geospatial technology is and how GPS’s work. The clip is broken into a number of chunks to make it easier to incorporate in learning materials. The chunks cover:

  1. Introduction
  2. How we get there?
  3. How we got there?
  4. Why we need it?

The video is very clear and a host of big names such as Jack Dangermond (President of ESRI) feature in it. The clip is 15 minutes long and i think it is great. A lot of effort has gone into making the content understandable. I strongly recommend you take a look for yourself by clicking the image below.

Geospatial Revolution - Episode 1

Episode 2 is out on the 2nd November, i will post a short item on it when it appears. Good work PSU!

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