Digimap OpenStream – Part II

Ok, so yesterday we introduced the Digimap OpenStream service which is an easy way to get hold of Ordnance Survey OpenData and either use it in a web app or pump it directly into your favorite desktop GIS application.  So, you should now know how to use the service inside ArcGIS, but we appreciate that some users do not have access to ArcGIS or would rather use something else.  Here we will demonstrate how to stream the maps into Quantum GIS (QGIS).

QGIS is a cracking little desktop GIS is an official project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) which means that it is well documented and supported and critically, it works! These instructions are based on the latest Tethys release of QGIS but little has changed with this process over the last couple of releases.

  1. Click Layer –>  Add WMS Layer
  2. In the ‘Add Layer(s) from a server’ pop up, select New
  3. Give the new connection a name e.g. EDINA OpenStream
  4. In the URL field enter the following url, but remember to remove the square brackets!  http://openstream.edina.ac.uk/openstream/wms?token=[your_aipkey]
  5. Click OK

  1. Click Connect
  2. Click on the top level layer ‘OSOpenData
  3. The default coordinate system of the data is WGS84, it is recommended this is changed to British National Grid. Click Change.
  4. Type 27700 in the Search box and click Find (this is the saves a bit of searching!).
  5. Select OSGB 1936/ British National Grid
  6. Click OK
  7. Then click Add in the ‘Add Layer(s) from a server’ box.

That should be it, the maps should now appear in QGIS. Simple. Tomorrow we will continue with Open Source software and will stream the maps into gvSIG. Be sure to head over to Digimap OpenStream and have a look around.

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