Digimap at AGI

Tim Riley, one of EDINA’s user support foot soldiers recently attended the AGI GeoCommunities 2010 event in Stratford Upon Avon.  Tim gave a presentation which showed how EDINA had updated the system architecture for the Digimap Services.  The nice aspect of the solution is that it marries open-source and proprietry software to provide a fast, reliable and manageable service.

The Digimap Service has been the subject of some blogging in the past through Martain Daly’s Lost in Spatial blog.  Martain gave and excellent and balanced review of how Cadcorp had coped with wining the tender to provided the propretry part of the system.  Martain’s blogs are well worth a read:

A Higher Education – 1

A Higher Education – 2

A Higher Education – 3

A Higher Education – 4

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