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EDINA is pleased to announce the launch of a new service today.  The JISC-funded AddressingHistory project has developed an online tool that combines historic Scottish Post Office Directories with contemporaneous maps.  As well as enabling browsing of these resources for local historians, genealogists and researchers, AddressingHistory allows you to add georeferences to addresses and submit small corrections and additions to the scanned text.

The project will focus on three eras of Edinburgh mapping and Post Office Directories (1784-5; 1865; 1905-6) however the technologies demonstrated will be scalable to the full collection of digitised materials which include 400 directories and associated maps covering the whole of Scotland.

So what can you do with this service? Well, you might want to search to see who lived in your house in 1845.  Or you might want to search using your surname to see where people with your name lived. Another option would be to use professions as an indicator of wealth and therefore look at the socio-economic distribution through time:

  • are professions clustered?
  • can you see how areas change between surveys as the city grows? (thinking about urban regentrification here but this may not happen in Edinburgh until the late 20th century.)

The project is led by EDINA working in partnership with the National Library of Scotland (NLS).  You can visit the site and use the database by visiting AdressingHistory

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  1. Thank you for mentioning the AddressingHistory event here – we were delighted that it seemed to go well and we had an opportunity to meet a wide range of individuals from the local history, genealogy and Scottish history communities.

    By way of a short update we have just added images and some corrections and updates on the live blog we posted during the launch ( and will be posting the videos to the AddressingHistory blog this week.


    Nicola Osborne, AddressingHistory Project Officer & EDINA Social Media Officer

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