ShareGeo Open Depositor tool released

We reported on the launch of ShareGeo Open a couple of months ago (old post here), we today we can inform you that the ShareGeo team have just release a depositor plug-in to make sharing spatial data even easier.

The plug-in has been written for ArcCatalog so you can upload data directly from ArcGIS.  When you want to share your data all you have to do is to select the data and press the ShareGeo button.  The depositor tool will then mine the dataset for any useful information such as its name, projection, spatial extents and populate the metadata for you.  This leaves just a handful of metadata elements for you to complete before hitting the Publish button.  The plug-in will then grab the dataset and all its associated files, such as the .prj file, and upload them to the ShareGeo Open repository. The data is then published and you recieve a confirmation email which includes the URI so you can link to the dataset.  All you have to do then is to sit back and see how many people download and re-use your data.

Simple.  So, head over to ShareGeo Open and download the depositor tool and start sharing from within ArcGIS.

About Addy Pope

Addy is a member of the GeoData team at EDINA and work on services such as GoGeo, ShareGeo and the FieldtripGB app. Addy has over 10 years experience as a geospatial analyst. Addy tweets as @go_geo
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