Rasterised Mastermap from Digimap

Another bit of news from the Digimap team at EDINA and i think this will be of interest/use to many people out there.  Mastermap data is now available as a download in a rasterised format from the Data Download Section of Digimap.  Rasterised wassit?  What is this and why should i be interested?

Mastermap – detailed but complex data

Mastermap is the most detailed product that the Ordnance Survey offer. It maps every inch of the country in great detail showing the position of buildings, pavements, paths and even posts blocking sections of road. You have been able to produce maps with Mastermap through Digimaps Classic, Carto and ROAM services but if you wanted to use Mastermap in a custom map in a GIS you had to download it, and this is where things got trickier.

Downloaded Digimap Mastermap is supplied in GML (Geography Markup Language) which needs to be converted and themed before it will look like the Mastermap you see in ROAM and Carto.  A couple of packages (InterpOSe and Dotted Eyes)  help with the conversion but it generally feels like quite a lot of effort if all you want the data for is to provide a detailed colour background image.

Rasterised Mastermap


The good news is that now you dont need to go through this process to get a Mastermap background image.  Digimap now offers Mastermap as .tiff images at two scales: 1:1000 and 1:2000. Selecting the data is straight forward as well, it uses the same familiar interface used to select other Digimap products so you can easily search by:

  • Placename
  • Postcode
  • National Grid Reference
  • Using the map.

This should simplify the process of getting Mastermap data. We hope this will be useful, if you have any comments on the new data either email edina@ed.ac.uk or leave a comment on this blog.  A small example of Mastermap detail is provided below, anyone know where this is?

mastermap data

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