Great visulisation of open data

I stummbled upon this great example of data visulisation on Twitter from @monkchips. It has been put together by the Open Knowledge Foundation and shows the energy production and consumption of European Countries from 1997-2008.


The data itself is a bit of an eye opener, but i think the real star is the way the data has been visualised. It allows you to look at a lot of data and alanyse it both spatially and temporarily with ease. This means that you can quickly see trends both within a country and between countries.  I think that visualisations like this are ideal for education, they are clean, simple and easy to use which makes them ideal for use in the classroom.

Good work OKFN! Now, how can we reduce our reliance on non-renewable energy sources? Anyone? Anyone?

  • Check out the visualisation HERE
  • Or, head over to VIMEO to see a video of it.


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