Blog down time

Just a bit of warning to let you know that the Go-Geo! blog will be unavailable between 06.00 on Sat 19th Feb until 22.00 on Sun 20th Feb to allow for extensive refurbishment of the University of Edinburgh machine room.

I think the power supply is being replaced in one of the machine rooms. All the key EDINA services such as Digimap, Go-Geo! and Unlock should be available during this time as they have been replicated in another machine room.  However, even with this replication there is the risk that things may go wrong, hence the At Risk warnings on all services over the weekend.

So, Go-Geo! should be available over the weekend but the blog wont, it sits on a different machi9ne which has not been replicated.  Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Image courtesy of flickr user Marksmanuk

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