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OSGeo – 5 years and counting…..

Well, actually OSGeo is “5 and a bit” but I have just found this good review of the progress it has made in its first 5 years. The review is written by Arnulf Christl, who is currently the OSGeo President … Continue reading

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VectorMap district Beta released

Ordnance Survey have recently release the next version of their VectorMap District product. This can be considered a Beta release which replaces the Alpha version that was release in April 2010 as part of the initial OS OpenData package. So … Continue reading

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Citation map shows top science cities

From SlashGeo, which cities around the world produce not just the most but the best scientific papers?  A couple of maps have been produced that try to quantify the number of citations cities produce and the results are quite interesting. … Continue reading

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Earthquakes and Tsunamis

First off, thoughts are with anyone caught up in, or affected by,  this morning’s earthquake and the resulting tsunami near Japan.  There seems to be a fair amount of activity along the Pacific Plate Boundaries this year.  I thought i … Continue reading

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Do we rely too much on GPS?

There is an article in on the BBC website today that suggests that the UK is becoming increasingly reliant on GPS.  The article points out that GPS is now used as a critical component in many businesses such as freight … Continue reading

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Python goodies

Archaeogeek has just posted a great little blog piece for anyone interested in learning more about Python and how to use it in GIS. Archaeogeek is very much an Open Source GIS advocate so it is no surprise to see … Continue reading

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Geospatial Revolution Episodes 2 and 3

You might remember a post from way back in September 2010 about a video on “The Geospatial Revolution” which had been produced by Penn State University.  Well, episodes 2 and 3 are now out. Episode 2 Episode 2 covers how … Continue reading

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