Citation map shows top science cities

From SlashGeo, which cities around the world produce not just the most but the best scientific papers?  A couple of maps have been produced that try to quantify the number of citations cities produce and the results are quite interesting.

The map is produced by taking data from Web of Science and then analysing them to determine if a city is performing well or not.  The standardisation that is used is to look at the top 10% of papers in a subject area, determined by the number of citations.  Each city is analysed and the top 10% of a cities output should fall in the overall subject 10%. If it doesn’t, then the city is underachieving, if more than 10% of the cities citations appear in the subject top 10% then it is overachieving.

Quite simple but good for an overview.  However, we all know that some cities specialise in a few subjects, others are good across a wider range of subjects. Repeating this for all the main subject areas then aggregating the results would be a huge task but potentially very insightful.  A couple of oddities i noticed was the way that cities are defined.  Edinburgh has an identity, but so does Midlothian.  Now this is probably due to Edinburgh Science Park and the Roslin Institute but in my opinion both these institutes “belong” to the Edinburgh node as the y are either annexes of one of the universities in Edinburgh.  Other anomalies may exist but i have just highlighted the one that i noticed.

Links to the article and maps:

Research paper

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