VectorMap district Beta released

Ordnance Survey have recently release the next version of their VectorMap District product. This can be considered a Beta release which replaces the Alpha version that was release in April 2010 as part of the initial OS OpenData package.

So what’s new in VectorMap District?

  • Foreshore – the inter-tidal area is now a polygon feature. This will allow you to create maps that represent high or low tide simply by rendering the inter-tidal polygon in the appropriate colour.
  • Land Polygons – Land features have been added to describe any area that is not a feature in the specification. This will allow users to render the land polygons in a suitable colour.
  • Stations – a separate feature code has been added to describe stations that are used by both underground and overground trains.  This will enable such stations to be easily identified in maps.
  • Place of worship – a new feature for the Beta release.
  • Places of interest such as leisure centres and police stations have been added.
  • Support documentation – a user guide is now available on the OS product web page.

Other changes include a more consistent approach to detail. The alpha release offered quite detailed coastlines but very simplified building outlines.  The Beta release tries to rectify this by offering consistent levels of detail across the map.  Text attributes should be better rendered and should align better with the features they describe such as rivers

EDINA will be updating the version of VectorMap District available through both Digimap’s OS Collection and Digimap OpenStream.  There is some processing work to be done on VectorMap District before it can be available through EDINA’s services. With this in mind, we aim to release the new version through Digimap’s Data Download facility on Tuesday 5th April and through Digimap OpenStream by Thursday 31st March. The current (alpha) version will be withdrawn completely.

To read more about VectorMap District, please refer to the VectorMap District reference guide or to their recent blog

Contains Ordnance Survey data. © Crown copyright and database right 2011. Data provided by Digimap OpenStream, an EDINA, University of Edinburgh Service

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