Other INSPIRE 2011 write ups

I think the biggest statement that was made, or at least that i heard, during the INSPIRE 2011 was made by Prof. Nigel Shadbolt.  Shadbolt stated the “Location was the connective tissue of open data”.  This recognises the importance of location information in open data and you could infer many things from the statement but it is easy to see that location helps connect data, making further analysis possible.

In addition to the two write ups that are posted on this blog

I thought i would start a list of other sources where you can find out more about the conference.

Download Presentations – You can now download the presentations from the INSPRE Website.  The presentations are available as pptx files and the presentation abstracts are available as .doc files

Ian Painter from Snowflake Software has written a great overview of the event which you can read on the Snowflake Blog.  This has a great section on Annex II and III testing and looks at how you can get small organisations involved. Smaller organisations might be scared off by the scale and complexity of INSPIRE before they get to grips with it.  Read Ian’s blog to find out his opinion on this.

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