Jerry’s Map – an obsession with maps

I was forwarded this by a colleague and thought i would share it with the wider geo-community.  Jerry started “doodling” a map in 1963, adding rectangles to represent buildings and putting roads between them.  When he reached the edge of the piece of paper, he got another piece and continued the features on the blank page. And he hasn’t stopped…….

Jerry is a addicted to maps and cartographic representations.  He has over 2000 tiles that fit together to form his virtual world. I suppose its a bit like SimCity, but you have to do all the work to draw features.  Jerry takes great care to ensure that his virtual communities are supported by infrastructure and services that are appropriate for the size of the population. It is hard to explain the level of detial that Jerry pour into the maps, or the method that he uses to dictate the evolution of the map. The best thing to do is to watch the video and to read his blog.

I thought i was a bit of map geek, collecting old Bartholomew’s maps, but i am humbled by the passion that Jerry has for maps, and the maps are all his own work. Incredible.

Jerry’s Blog

Jerry’s Map Video

Video Trailer

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2 Responses to Jerry’s Map – an obsession with maps

  1. …and like all great maps, it’s really beautiful!

    The thing that gets me is the way he explains it in the full video: it’s the world that’s creating itself and he’s just documenting it. The bit about building walls to halt the spread of the void is really quite eerie .

    If I was still an undergrad I’d have loved to have done something on this 🙂

    Thanks for posting it.

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