What makes Spatial Special?

I read quite a few blog post each week, if not each day.  I know why spatial data is important and how it can unlock the potential of data.  To paraphrase Ian Jackson from the INSPIRE 2011 conference, “our job as analysts is to turn unintelligible data into intelligible information“.

I take spatial data for granted because i am surrounded by it all the time.  So it was refreshing to read a blog post that clearly states why spatial is special.  The blog is written by Kate Jones and well worth a read, especially if you are new to spatial data or have to convince someone that spatially enabling data is a good idea.

You can find the blog post here

About Addy Pope

Addy is a member of the GeoData team at EDINA and work on services such as GoGeo, ShareGeo and the FieldtripGB app. Addy has over 10 years experience as a geospatial analyst. Addy tweets as @go_geo
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