The E39 from Scotland to The Faroes

Google have been getting a bit of a bad press over the last week or so as Openstreetmap accused Google of spatial vandalism.  It appears that a number of malicious edits were made to OSM from Google IP addresses.  OSM could not be sure if this was a deliberate or coordinated attack and Google has responded quickly by sacking two contractors who they believe to be responsible.

OSM is a community led mapping project which relies on contributers to add reliable and accurate information for the benefit of society.  Google has a company philosiphy of “dont be evil” but perhaps this philosophy doesnt scale when the company grows into a huge organisation or expands into emerging countries which are by their very nature ultra-competitive.

Accurate data is a must if your map is to be used and trusted.  On this note, eagle eyed @oobr spotted a data anomaly on Google.  There seems to be a road almost linking the Faroes with Orkney and Shetland.  An ambitious engineering feat but probably some years off.

Image courtesy of Google Maps 2012


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