Pearltrees – wisdom on the net?

The internet is full of information, not all of it is exactly what you would call useful.  However, sometimes you stumble upon something that is actually useful.  Today is one of those days.

Heard of Pearltrees?  Neither had I.  If seems to be a social media site that allows users to organise stuff that they have found on the internet.  This is nothing new, remember Delicious?  The neat thing with Pearltrees is that it looks like it is using Linked Data to tie “things” together making it easier to explore resources and make links between subject areas.

So what, Linked data, yawn.  Well I was lucky enough to stumble upon a user by the name of drbazuk who has collated a host of useful GI links on Pearltrees.  I have had a quick look at some of them and have bookmarked his page to delve into tomorrow.  I suppose if i was sensible, i would be signing up and collating my own set of resources for GoGeo.  Before i do this, i suppose i should have a bit of read about exactly what Pearltrees is all about.

About Addy Pope

Addy is a member of the GeoData team at EDINA and work on services such as GoGeo, ShareGeo and the FieldtripGB app. Addy has over 10 years experience as a geospatial analyst. Addy tweets as @go_geo
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