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How highs the water mama? 3 feet high and rising

A great line from De La Soul, but on a serious note, sea level is rising and scientists don’t seem confident that the trend is going to slow or reverse anytime soon.  Over the past month there has been a … Continue reading

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SplashMaps – tough and usable maps

Maps are great, we use them to help us navigate around spaces. These spaces tend to be outdoors and the weather is not always conducive to unfurling a massive sheet of paper. In my opinion, maps need to be tough. … Continue reading

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The true size of Africa

Maps have long been the preserve of the “Old World” and we like nothing more than putting ourselves at the centre of the map and making ourselves look big and important.  Representing a 3D object in 2 dimensions is not … Continue reading

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Maps from behind the curtain

Maps are great, I could spend hours looking at them.  It makes no difference if it is a map of somewhere I know well, or a place I don’t know at all.  Cartographic styles vary around the World and it … Continue reading

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Social Networks and Personal Digital Archives – it’s up to you.

Gary Gale, Director of Places at Nokia, was a keenly anticipated speaker on this years EEO-AGI seminar series.  Gary has many years experience in the world of tech and GIS having worked for Yahoo for many years before switching to … Continue reading

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