Open Geographies from the UK Data Service

UKDataServiceThe UK Data Service Census Support team is pleased to announce the recent release of a major update to its services.

In line with enabling wider access to open data resources the existing Census geography services have been updated to provide full open access without registration to all users.

Data which is openly licensed is thus available to any user without restriction through all the various Census geography services.

A list of the full range of data available can be viewed at the Census Support Boundary Data Selector.

Those data which fall under Open Government Licence (OGL) are available to all users, free of charge at point of use.

Some Non-OGL data is still subject to access restrictions that require login and existing service users with registered accounts may login as normal to access these.

We have also revised our online service help, provided access to a range of eLearning modules on various aspects of UK geographies and also harmonised some of the nomenclature in use so it aligns better with that promoted by the Office of National Statistics Geography policies.

UK Data Service Census Geography Team welcome feedback on these changes and any suggestions on how they might improve their range of services.


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