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Pearltrees – wisdom on the net?

The internet is full of information, not all of it is exactly what you would call useful.  However, sometimes you stumble upon something that is actually useful.  Today is one of those days. Heard of Pearltrees?  Neither had I.  If … Continue reading

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What projections say about you.

I was passed this by a colleague and it made me laugh.  If i am honest i hadnt heard of some of the projections and will clearly have to do some homework.  Anyway, my favorite projection, “Polar Stereographic” wasnt included … Continue reading

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Cartography to the rescue

A nice short video that @kennethfield brought to my attention.  It shows how mapping has helped empower local Venezuelans to work to protect the land they have lived on for centuries. The mapping started off simple with sketches of what … Continue reading

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Rasterised Mastermap from Digimap

Another bit of news from the Digimap team at EDINA and i think this will be of interest/use to many people out there.  Mastermap data is now available as a download in a rasterised format from the Data Download Section … Continue reading

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Digimap OpenStream – Part II

Ok, so yesterday we introduced the Digimap OpenStream service which is an easy way to get hold of Ordnance Survey OpenData and either use it in a web app or pump it directly into your favorite desktop GIS application.  So, … Continue reading

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